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      Stadium Recipes

      Check out our fan favorite stadium recipes that will deliver on game day

      Tampa Tacos

      Tampa Tacos

      Who it's from: Executive Chef Kevin Riley
      Where it's at: Raymond James Stadium
      What you get: 10 tacos
      Some of what you need: Fresh boneless pork butt, black bean salsa, black beans, red and yellow bell peppers, cilantro
      Download Recipe

      Arrowhead Short Rib Melt

      Arrowhead melt

      Who it's from: Senior Executive Chef Erin Wishon
      Where it's at: Arrowhead Stadium
      What you get
      : 8 servings
      Some of what you need: Short rib meat, carrots, celery, tomato sauce
      Download Recipe

      Beef Brisket Meatball Sandwich

      Lincoln Financial Field Beef Brisket Meatball

      Who it's from: Executive Chef James Hennessey
      Where it's at: Lincoln Financial Field
      What you get: 30 2 oz. meatballs, Sunday gravy
      Some of what you need: Beef brisket, inside round beef, crushed tomatoes, parmesan cheese, asiago cheese
      Download Recipe

      M&T Stadium Crab Tots

      M&T tots

      Who it's from: Executive Chef Joe Bachman 
      Where it's at:
      M&T Bank Stadium
      What you get: 8 servings
      Some of what you need: Tater tots, lump crab meat, scallions, Old Bay sauce
      Download Recipe

      Bears Chili

      Bears Chili

      Who it's from: Senior Executive Chef Erin Winshon 
      Where it's at: Soldier Field
      What you get: 8 servings
      Some of what you need: Ground beef, kidney beans, Great Northern beans, chili powder, tomato sauce
      Download Recipe

      PB&J Wings

      Chris Shepherd PB&J Wings

      Who it's from: Celebrity Chef Partner and James Beard winner Chris Shepherd
      Where it's at: Hay Merchant, NRG Stadium
      What you get: 20 wings
      Some of what you need: Chicken wings, peanut butter, jelly, Sriracha
      Download Recipe

      Fenway Fudge Brownie

      Fenway Fudge Brownie

      Who it's from: Senior Executive Chef Ron Abell
      Where it's at: Fenway Park
      What you get: 24 brownies
      Some of what you need: Dark chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs
      Download Recipe

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